the Big Apple Faces Crew

the Big Apple Faces Crew

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Big Apple Faces holds a general audition for new professional actors on a monthly basis .

Big Apple Faces  holds a general audition for new professional actors on  a monthly basis .

We are not an agency but a community of professionals and we always look to expand ,keeping the highest professional standards.

The general audition is for consideration for principal work.and background work.

We limit the number of actors seen to allow ample time to see everyone fairly.

To be considered for the general auditions, please email a current picture in .jpg format only and resume in .pdf format only to: .

With Open Call in the subject line .

Please DO NOT send any links to your picture/resume or links to videos. They will NOT be opened.

Be sure to include in the body of your email: your name, phone number, and union status.

The next open call will be on Sometime near the end of  FEBRUARY  with email registration closing on the morning of the Open Call ..

If selected, you will receive an email with your specific appointment time .via email, phone or text.

For your appointment, please bring with you 2 (hard copy) copies of your professional picture and resume (with resume attached to the back) and a 1 to 2 minute monologue prepped at performance level.

Childern. are only seen through an appointment made by an agent or Manager or guardian  .

Also, adult actors with professional representation may also be seen by a private appointment time made by their respective agent or manager.

Some advice:
* The general auditions are only for talent who are ready to compete in a professional market. Your presentation should reflect that.
Professional pictures in .jpg format only
Professional resume in word  format only or embed on the email
1-2 minute monologue ready at performance level
If you do not have these basic tools ready, please do not submit until they are ready.

** A handy hint: a monologue is something that you have been working on for a while (not just the day before the audition). You've researched it, worked on it, rehearsed it, it has become a part of you. Your preparation and your choice of monologue say a lot about who you are as an actor and how you perceive yourself in the marketplace.

* Auditions are held at our studio in PHILADELPHIA and our offices in NEW YORK CITY . Please do not submit unless you are able to travel to Philadelphia or New York City for auditions and jobs.

Submissions from each month will be archived. If you are not selected this month, you will need to re-submit for consideration for another month’s general audition.

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