the Big Apple Faces Crew

the Big Apple Faces Crew

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shooting the final Scenes of the Dream ,commentary by Actor,Director jennifer Lynch

Shooting the final Scenes of the Dream ,commentary by Actor,Director jennifer Lynch

I was excited to shoot the second part of the comedy for The Dream today. Could not sleep again last night but it doesn't matter , we had fun with all the scenes yesterday even though we were under so much pressure to get all the shots done before losing day light

I love this scene for The Dream by John Paul and Marty Fallor playing Justin's loving dads . Exactly what i imagined for the script , except better and funnier . Such great actors — with Brian Yesitsme Cabrera,John Paul Ouvrier, Director/Actress Jennifer Linch,Rochell Leslie and Marty Fallor.

Shooting the final battle scene for The Dream sat . On my set , there was and will always have hot babes hahaha . Too many hot guys on set , need hot babes also to balance it out HAHAHA — with Rochell Leslieand Morgan Macedo.

As the director and DP , I got to climb on the tree to shoot the fight scene for the Dream . I love this angle for the fight scene . My camera guy couldn't climb so here the monkey Jenny got to do it

Just tryin to get the pup's attention for the camera. Yesterday on set for 'The Dream' — with Romualdo Caraballo, John Paul Ouvrier, Jennifer Linch andDustin SG.

Director and crew, always hard at work .A lot goes on before every scene is shot — with John Paul Ouvrier and 2 others.

We'd been shooting for hours.. time for a break

Reviewing everyone's hard work

From the cast and crew members of The Dream , I want to give a big shout out to my guardian angel Patty Maltman Blaine for taking care of the entire cast and crew members . She worked so hard on the set every single day and handled the hardest job of them all. I love and truly appreciate my guardian Patty — with Morgan Macedo, Director/Actress Jennifer Linch, Rochell Leslie and Patty Maltman Blaine.

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