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the Big Apple Faces Crew

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sunshine Pictures Names James Foytlin Associate Producer for Martial Arts Comedy `The Dream’; Jennifer Linch

Sunshine Pictures Names James Foytlin Associate Producer for Martial Arts Comedy `The Dream’; Jennifer Linch

LOS ANGELES, July 11 -- Sunshine Pictures Productions announced today that James Foytlin, director of sales and marketing for Big Apple/Phillyfaces, joined the production team of fantasy martial arts comedy “The Dream” as an associate producer. “Dream” will be directed by Jennifer Linch, who also wrote the screenplay.

James Foytlin is currently the director of Sales and marketing for Big Apple/ Phillyfaces on the east coast BigApple/ is an on-line talent directory of actors, models and oerformers in the New York City and Philadelphia Metro areas.

In a statement, Foytlin said “My primarily focus will be on promotion through social media to reach a larger audience." Foytlin continued “I could not be more delighted than to be associated with the very talented Jennifer Linch and her very capable crew."

Jennifer Linch was a runway model for Tay Do Fashion Club, one of the biggest modeling agencies in Viet Nam, before became a professional film and commercial actress. Linch is trained in Karate, Muay Thai, MMA as well as guns and knives.

Linch opened Sunshine Pictures Productions in April 2014 and has two projects in production. Her film “Malevolence (,” is gathering funding for a release as a feature. “The Dream” is being shot exclusively for the Woodstock and Tribeca Film festivals

Jennifer is on her way to being the first female director of a “bloody, violent action movie” without the use of special effects, wires, GCI or the other tricks of major Hollywood studios. Jennifer specialty is producing and directing martial arts movies . She herself has more than 7 years of training in Karate and MMA.

“The Dream” is a fantasy martial arts comedy written, directed, produced and starring Jennifer Linch. Linch is also the director of photography. Associate Producer Dustin SG plays the lead. “The Dream” features John Paul Ouvrier, Apollo Askew, Marty Pallor, Jujo Ballo and Josh Weldon. The crew includes camera operator Sean ML; Production Manager: Romualdo Caraballo and production assistants Rochell Leslie, Morgan Macedo, Patty Maltman Blaine. Photographers for the production are Robert M. Bennett, Tom Truman, Dan Cymarron and Wes Warne.

Contact: Sunshine Pictures Productions media relations at 619-889-3441, or

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