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the Big Apple Faces Crew

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Actors Wanted for Blog Feature

Actors Wanted for Blog Feature

Performers First Category:Performer


The blog Performers First ( will soon be launching a regular column called Favorite Role/Dream Role. We're aiming to feature at least 10 professional, passionate, insightful actors every month--hopefully more, depending on the volume of submissions--talking about their favorite roles and their dream roles.

If you'd like to submit, please answer the following prompts in about 150 words or less...

1. What is your FAVORITE role that you've ever played, and why was it your favorite? 2. What is your DREAM role, and why do you want to play it?

Please be creative, specific, and succinct in your responses. When you've done that, please EMAIL following these guidelines:

-The subject line must read "FRDR Submission: [Your Name]" -Your essays must be attached in one PDF or DOC file with the file name "[Your Name] Essays" -Attach your professional COLOR headshot as a JPEG with the file name "[Your Name] Headshot" -Attach your performance resume as a PDF with the file name "[Your Name] Resume" -Include a link to your actor web site. It is HIGHLY PREFERRED that you have an original actor web site. If you don't have an actor web site, let me know in your email so I can help you get started on creating one! -Include a video of you performing your favorite role, or a piece of your dream role (e.g. a song at a cabaret) if you have one.

Submissions must be received by February 20, 2015 to be eligible for inclusion in this month's column. Submissions received after February 20 will be entered into the drawing pool for March.

There's no pay involved, but blog will be widely distributed amongst the tri-state theatre community with the aim of promoting high-caliber talent to industry professionals.

Union Information: Union and Non-Union

Company: Performers First


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