the Big Apple Faces Crew

the Big Apple Faces Crew

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Jennifer Linch Takes home the Grand Prize at iCannes International Film Festival

At iCannes International Film Festival last night . This festival holds a very special meaning to me from now and forever. I will never forget this. Not because we won the Grand Prize but because of the work of the beloved founder , the young-beautiful-respected producer Rebecca Guzman who passed away on the same date of her first international film festival . On the hospital bed before passing , she still reminded her loved-ones about the festival yesterday 7-7 at 7 p.m . She died on 7-7 on my birthday 7-7 and I won her grand prize at her festival . Her partners and colleagues are keeping her legacy alive and will continue to make the festival bigger and stronger next year . Rebecca Guzman's last work has given me and my team the chance for Flowers of The Night to get the exposure its needs at Cannes Film Market where studios, investors , buyers buying movies to distribute around the world. Rebecca Guzman understood clearly what it takes to protect your movies , your creative child . She passed away but her name and her work will always remain deep in my memory .

Dear Rebecca , I have never had the great pleasure to shake your hand and hug you at your festival . But I felt an extreme sadness when your host announced my name as the winner last night. We spoke by emails and you were such a fan of the movie. I wanted to say hi to you last night but I didn't get the chance to . I can't speak to you now but just know from wherever you maybe that I will always treasure this memory and your festival will always remain dear in my heart heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon . I will help to keep your legacy alive

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