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the Big Apple Faces Crew

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Free Model Angie Vu Ha

Stop the extradition and Free Angie Vu Ha and reunite her with Isabella immediately!

PLEASE SHARE THIS PETITION. Every signature helps.

FREE ANGIE VU HA is not just about one mother's fight for her child; it is about ALL mothers and fathers who have wrongfully lost custody of their children. We may not be able to change the fate for every parent and child facing a similar situation, but with your signature we can SPEAK LOUDLY for Angie and Isabella. Your 'voice' counts! Please help us to free her.

We're asking you, as a person who cares, as a mother or father, as a loving parent, as someone who believes in a child's right to choose...we're asking YOU to join us in being a voice for justice – STOP THE EXTRADITION and FREE ANGIE.

Parents be aware, you could lose your child in a New York minute!

We are writing this petition to help a wonderful mother and dear friend, currently in jail, from being extradited to France on wrongful charges of kidnapping her child, Isabella - a child who she has given birth to, raised on her own for the first 7 years of the child's life with no contribution from the biological father (Mr. F).

On 3rd November 2015, an unsuspecting mother was arrested at New York Kennedy Airport as she was about to board a flight to Vietnam with her 9-year old daughter. Imagine how terrified her little girl must have been as she watched on helplessly.

The mother is World's sexiest DJ and model, Angie Vu ha, who has been in a custody battle with the child's biological father - French citizen and deadbeat dad.

He obtained an arrest warrant from Interpol after blatantly lying about the situation. The absurdity of this is that their real agreement was that he would only have the child visiting him in France for a short time and then to be sent back to the US to live with her mother.

This agreement he broke when he decided to fight for custody deeming Angie an 'unfit' mother because she is an Entertainer. His claim is not only outrageous but a disgusting attempt to deny Isabella the right to live with her mother - the only parent she really knows and cries to be reunited with. How could any loving and responsible parent put his little girl through this, in addition to fighting to remove her mother from her life by having her mother jailed?

Let's be clear, this is a case of a mother being a mother and doing the best for her child and a deadbeat dad who suddenly decides he should have custody of a child he has barely bothered about nor help raised.

By ruling custody in favour of Mr. F, the French Courts have illegally helped him kidnap Angie's child against Hague Convention, US law, Vietnam law and their own law. Mr. F never had any parental right over this child because he and Angie never got married. His name was not on her birth certificates. He is someone who has not taken his responsibility as a parent for Isabella and when Angie asked for her child back, he went to court and they granted him custody.

By signing this petition, you are advocating for Angie's right to be released from jail and reunited with her daughter and to put the real criminal in jail. HELP STOP HER EXTRADITION TO FRANCE!

"As much as it does seem to me that holding Miss Vu here is not the right thing to do our duty is to deliver Miss Vu to French authorities," said Brooklyn Magistrate Judge Viktor Pohorelsky. "I m not happy about it." - ABP World Group

Neither are we!

We, the undersigned, petition to STOP THE EXTRADITION OF ANGIE VU HA to France and to be reunited with her daughter Isabella. Your signature says you are protesting against the ILLEGAL Court case in France that happened in June 2015 that granted the father of Isabella custody over a child who was already under legal and sole custody of her mother, Angie.

We advocate to stop the extradition and Free Angie and give her her child back.

Free Model Angie Vu Ha #FreeAngie#AngieVuHa

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