the Big Apple Faces Crew

the Big Apple Faces Crew

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Crowd Funding Phillyfaces New Innovative Website

So you are new to the business of acting and modeling and have heard all the horror stories of rip offs, time wasters, and unscrupulous people. You just don't know where to start, or even where to go or even who to ask.

The other issue that no one mentions is "pay". When you first start your inundated by opportunities for "exposure", and "credits ".Sounds great until you try to cash that "exposure" in at the grocery store. It is just amazing how so many actors and models spend all their time working other jobs giving them little or no time to go to auditions.

That's when you turn to Big Apple Faces and Phillyfaces;

Big Apple Faces and Phillyfaces are like the LinkedIn for actors, models, dancers, and singers. The entertainment professional can set up a profile, post a professional picture add your contact information or your agents contact information all free of charge.

Big Apple Faces and Phillyfaces offers a unique and revolutionary concept for the entertainment business.With Big Apple Faces and Phillyfaces you will get more access to casting calls and auditions, and your profile will be easily searchable for casting directors and agents raising you exposure greatly increasing your chances for success in the entertainment business.

Big Apple Faces and Phillyfaces are casting database and we market our talent through, social media, ad words and in-person networking. We will also host ads for products and services, like classes, headshots and so on.

We will also be offering premium profiles, for only $49 per year or 6.99 per month an a professional can receive prescreened filtered daily casting calls.

The problem for most entertainment professionals is always where do I find enough quality auditions and casting calls. The fact is the more auditions and casting calls you attend, the greater the chance you have to land a paying gig. Auditions are also the single best networking opportunity so instead of spending your time trying to ferret out and track down qualified leads we do the work for you.

Are we trying to replace agents, no not at all,nothing can replace the contacts and relationships a good agent has formed, but we can work with your agent helping to market your talent through out website and even sending them casting calls.

There are so many entertainment professionals that when you first start you are just not a salable commodity, so if you do have an agent you are usually a very low priority. Again nothing can beat a quality agent, but you have to earn your way and that takes time.

So what we need to raise some cash to finish our new Phillyfaces and Big Apple Faces website and create a PR budget for google ad-words and in person networking.

Big Apple Faces and Phillyfaces are on a mission to create more opportunities for entertainment professionals and with your help, we can turn more dreams into reality. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this , believing in us and, believing in our cause by contributing, re-posting or even just some encouraging by commenting.

by the way.....

*With a generous contribution of $40 or more, you will receive one year free of a premium Big Apple Faces and Phillyfaces membership!

*A contribution of $250 will get you a professional headshot in our studio and $500 you will get a 3 look social media portfolio.

Donate today #fundphillyfaces

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